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We are a network of trained herbalists & naturopaths aiming to improve the overall health of people living on the island of Ireland. Our primary role is to provide holistic consultations & treatments using different forms of extracts from plants, a tradition which has existed for thousands of years and has been treating people long before modern medicine introduced allopathic chemical drugs the past century. The aim of herbalism is to bring the body back to balance encouraging its natural healing capabilities. Through this, we can treat acute to chronic conditions quite successfully.


Herbalists near you

If you are serious about your health contact your local herbalist. Watch a video about how your first consultation works. 

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Learn the healing ways of nature

Discover the various workshops and courses happening around Ireland. From lectures to hands-on workshops. 

Herb Walks

Identify wild edible & medicinal plants

Learn how to identify and forage local plants and how they can sustainably be used as food, medicine or craft during walks through nature. Contribute to a more sustainable planet by protecting the environment.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has”

– Hippocrates (460-377BC)

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Workshops | Talks

Our aim in giving these talks and workshops is to bring this ancient knowledge that is now science based to the public, so that people have a choice when it comes to their health and treatment of any and all issues. Our initial workshops will simply inform you of our practice and what it is, but in time we will offer more specific events for different conditions, general wellbeing, how to live to prevent illness and both Herbal and Naturopathy education.

Herb Walks

Walking in nature has become a novelty and not in practice by many today, we wish to promote the effects that this has and make it fully enjoyable and interesting by Identifying and discussing plants, Fungi, Trees as we come across them, acknowledging the wonders of what Nature has to offer and the real deep impact it has on us all, so keep in touch with us here to join us.

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