What is Herbalism

Herbal medicine is the use of the chemical and energetic properties of plants, to work with the vis medicatrix naturae or the healing power of nature. Facilitating a persons return to health and vitality. Indeed it is our earliest form of medicine with archaeological evidence of the use of medicinal herbs as early as 60,000 years ago. Here in Ireland our tradition mentioned in our earliest myths and legends.

A herbalist takes a holistic view to each individual. Taking into account the physical, mental and emotional challenges to their health and will provide an individualised treatment taking all these factors into account. All the while bearing in mind that health is not only the absence of symptoms but a return to vitality

“ When a plants leaves turn brown you don’t paint the leaves green you look at the root of the problem. If only we treated our bodies that way. ” – Dr Frank Lippman.

Today according to the World Health Organisation herbal medicine is the primary form of healthcare for 80% of the worlds population.

“ ‘Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years.’ Indeed it has then we tested it all. The stuff that worked became “medicine”. And the rest of it just a nice bowl of soup and some potpourri ” – Dara O’Briain.

World population using herbs for medicine (WHO) 80%